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Each antenna comes with a variety of adapter studs and spacers to allow for fitment on MOST vehicles with Screw in style antennas. This antenna will NOT fit any vehicle equipped with a power retractable base for the antenna.


Unscrew OEM antenna. Attach the adapter stud that works with your vehicle and screw the LGND Bullet Antenna onto the OEM antenna mount. Simple as that!

Radio Reception Info:

Like Most Aluminum short replacement antennas you may lose some radio reception. This really varies by vehicles and also depends in the area that you live. If you live in a rural area the reception might not be too good. These antennas are made of aluminum and unlike the oem antennas, they are not amplified but are a lot nicer looking. Although many customers have told us that they never had any reception issues with these we wanted to state this info for reference.

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